सोमवार, 23 जनवरी 2012

Love and Life ............( sumit patil )

There's some part of me which probably holds me back when trying to write about Love . A feeling most people i am sure would feel . This is the "there's nothing called love" kind of feeling . I have been there , sometimes in someway even now the feeling does persist . But then i realize there's no life without love. I ask a simple question -can you live with hatred in your hearts ? Some might call it neutrality but i say you would still have to love being neutral .
    I have heard the phrase since school days that Love is Blind ! It is true but what amazes me is that there's a certain thrill and madness about going blind in Love . Maybe that is the fun . The fact that you could get lost in each others eyes and never wanting to blink is a true gesture of human emotions. But not everybody has the knack of expressing it . I believe that everybody wants to be loved and love their close ones with all their heart. But as i said not everybody can express it the right way and maybe the right way is the wrong way for the other person .
   And when both of them lay by their sides looking at the sky with stars twinkling in their eyes , there's no need for any verbal expression. The silence and the heart felt feeling conveys the message.
   One of the other things i feel is that Love as is Life needs to be earned and so it has its value and importance. And not always are you lucky to have loved the right person or thing . So your thirst for love always stays until you find it . I mention "a thing" in the previous line and why not? It can be a love for Astronomy or Physics or Music. And so there is Love and hence Life and if one hasn't felt the madness and the passion to pursue it , he hasn't lived . 

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